Although cholesterol is a compound needed for the proper functioning of the body, its excess can cause serious trouble. High lipid levels are associated with a high risk of cardiovascular disease. People who do not know how to effectively lower cholesterol may find the answer in this article.

Lower cholesterol in a natural way

The key elements to lowering cholesterol levels are diet and physical activity. What to eat to lower your cholesterol? How to lower cholesterol naturally? To get rid of embarrassing deposits, just reach for products with low fat content, rich in dietary fiber, which prevents the absorption of bad cholesterol. New eating habits can be supported by herbal preparations available at pharmacies without a prescription.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a lipid compound produced by the body. Present in the liver, skin and intestines, it actively participates in the production of vitamins and hormones. Its excess in the blood is deposited in the walls of the vessels in the form of crystals, which are referred to as deposits. They are not dangerous until they close the light of the vessel. Vascular blockage hinders blood flow, resulting in organ hypoxia and the possibility of a number of complications such as stroke, ischemic heart disease or sudden heart attack.

In the body, cholesterol is divided into fractions. Two of them are responsible for health problems: LDL, which contributes to diseases, and triglycerides, which in excess cause the accumulation of fat. The equalization of both these values ​​is ensured by the HDL fraction, known as “good cholesterol”. Her presence alone is insufficient, especially when the patient has bad eating habits. What to eat to lower cholesterol?

Cholesterol – how to lower its level?

People who are wondering how to lower cholesterol naturally should know that a key element in reducing lipid levels is to completely change their eating habits and increase physical activity. Otherwise, even drug treatment may be ineffective or insufficient and you will still not know how to quickly lower your cholesterol.

Another method helpful in getting rid of excess unwanted lipids is supplementation with plant preparations, e.g. artichoke extract or milk thistle. You can also support linseed or psyllium seeds containing valuable fiber for health. People who come to the pharmacy and don’t know how to lower their cholesterol may ask a pharmacist for help.

How to lower your cholesterol diet?

Changing eating habits is a solution for people who want to lower their cholesterol without taking medication. What to eat to lower your cholesterol?

  • lean meat;
  • fish – especially mackerel, halibut, eels and sardines, because they contain valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Fatty acids not only protect and strengthen the heart, but also reduce the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides;
  • Fruit – especially apples and pears, preferably with the addition of cinnamon, which has a beneficial effect on blood lipids;
  • vegetables – people with high cholesterol are recommended to eat legumes because of their high protein and dietary fiber content;
  • barley flakes, barley groats;
  • wholemeal or rye noodles;
  • wholemeal, rye or wholemeal bread;
  • lean dairy products;
  • yogurt and kefir containing live bacterial cultures;
  • garlic, onion and chives;
  • red rice, which contains a substance called monacoline K. Its action is comparable to that of statins – lipid-lowering drugs that are prescription;
  • unrefined oils;
  • walnuts, almonds.

People with high lipid levels not only have to change their eating habits, but should also care about the quality of the meals they prepare. It is not recommended to fry in deep fat, stew fried meat with thick and thick sauces and add greasy cream or flour to them. Meals are better steamed, baked in aluminum foil or cooked. In the cholesterol diet, it is forbidden to eat offal, fatty meats, yellow cheese and wheat bread.

Eating habits need to be changed radically. There is no golden mean that will give you a ready-made solution on how to lower your cholesterol. The diet will be even more effective if the patient includes a little physical activity in their daily routine.


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